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Military Remembrance Pins

  • £800

Top quality metals and great detail on this 45mm double rear fixing lapel pin

This is a lapel pin badge with two rear Metal butterfly clasp fixings.

The pin badge is made of high quality metals and depicts the FV620 Stalwart fitted with Crane

The Stalwart, formally classified by the British Army as Truck, High Mobility Load Carrier (HMLC), 5 Ton, 6 x 6, Alvis/Stalwart and informally known by servicemen as the Stolly, is a highly mobile amphibious military truck built by Alvis that served with the British Army from 1966 until 1992.[1]


Stalwart Mk 2 limber. An artillery ammunition supply vehicle for the Abbot self-propelled gun. There was an extra seat in the cab for the crane operator plus four rear-mounted seats for a seven-man crew. An Atlas 3001/66 hydraulic crane capable of lifting three tons was added to the cargo area to lift palatalised loads of ammunition. The rear crew folding seats were separated from the main cargo area by a wooden divider, and protected from inclement weather by two folding PVC hoods on metal hoops.
A total of 269 Mk 2 Stalwart limbers were produced

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