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Scimitar FV107 Armoured Scout Vehicle Lapel Pin

Military Remembrance Pins

  • £800

Wear this high quality lapel pin to show your connections. 

This is a lapel pin badge with two metal butterfly clasp fixings.

The pin badge is made of high quality metals and is 45mm in length.

This lapel pin depicts the FV107 Alvis Scimitar

The FV107 Scimitar is an armoured reconnaissance vehicle (sometimes classed as a light tank) used by the British Army. It was manufactured by Alvis in Coventry. It is very similar to the FV101 Scorpion, but mounts a high velocity 30 mm L21 RARDENcannon instead of a 76 mm gun. It was issued to Royal Armoured Corps armoured regiments in the reconnaissance role. Each regiment originally had a close reconnaissance squadron of five troops, each containing eight FV107 Scimitars.

Courtesy Wikipedia 

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