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Harley Davidson Armstrong MT500 / 350 Military Motorcycle Lapel Pin

Military Remembrance Pins

  • £800

Top quality metals and great detail on this 45mm double rear fixing lapel pin

This is a lapel pin badge with two rear metal butterfly clasp fixings.

Depicting an Armstrong MT500 Motorbike

The Harley Davidson / Armstrong MT500 / 350 is a British military motorcycle made by Armstrong-CCM Motorcycles in BoltonGreater Manchester, who acquired the rights to the Rotax engine enduro motorcycle SWM XN Tornado from the Italian owners and developed the MT500 for use by the British Army in the Falklands war.[1] Electric start models were built for the Canadian and Jordanian armed forces.[2]

In 1987, the design and production rights were sold to Harley-Davidson, who in 1993 released the MT350E. The MT500 is used by Canada, Jordan and the United Kingdom.

Courtesy Wikipedia

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